Shri Modi In Touch With Cuntrymen

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2014 to 2018

India has become strongly pro-USA.
U S Treasury Holding by India:-
March 2014:- $ 67 Billion
September 2017 :- $ 145 Billion
Demonetization and digitization leading to a cashless Society,are being vigorously pursued,on the diktat of USAID,which FINANCED the so-called demonetization,the PPP Better Than cash Alliance,which have Bill Gates,[and hence,Microsoft,as far as Digitization is concerned],Mastercard,Visa,e-bay etc.

It is reported that,USA and its Digital Cos are very much interested,in making the World Cashless.The following links should open one’s eye!

A well-kept open secret: Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash 4/1/17
Norbert Haering
More evidence of early US involvement in Indian demonetisation
07 January 2017 | Norbert Häring
“Downright Sinister”: The Real Motivation to Ban Cash Will Shock You

Shaun Bradley
December 9th, 2016

The Globalists action plan for a cashless society
Michael Snyder 14/2/17
How India became Bill Gates’ guinea pig: A conspiracy as recounted by
the main actors
21 February 2017
 Saw Chem-Trails,in the Bharuch Morning Sky at Sunrise,on the 13th,18th and 23rd February,2018.That is,on every 5th day.Earlier,on the 13th February last year that is,2017 saw Chemical Spray by Plane at 14.25 hrs.This continued for the next FOUR Days.

The Rothschilds Rule Over India from 2004,INFILTRATE India’s Oil Business With A MOU with ONGC!

The collapse of the erstwhile USSR,forced India to seek weapons,and spare parts for the mainly, Soviet weapons,India was having, from Israel,a child of the Rothchilds!

Needless to say,the hold of the Rothschilds on India rose enormously…..

It is suspected that the Rothschilds tricked Atal Behari Vajpayee to pre-pone the Lok Sabha polls by a Year.It is also suspected that they were instrumental in bring the Indira congress party to power in 2004 and resorted to their favourite trick of “INSTALLING” their PUPPET M M Singh,as PM of India thro’ yet another one, of their many tricks,in 2004,when they started a 100% FDI in LNG marketing with a terminal in Hazira Port.


They were given many ADVISORY and e-Banking assignments by M M Singh,some of which are:-

1.ADVISOR for DIVESTMENT out of Indian PSUs.

This is to capture Indian businesses from the strong PSUs and Bankrupt India too.The PSUs lose their freedom making them answerable to share holders,thus making the nation lose Sovereignty.

The wealth and resources of the nation are transferred to the private parties and MNCs.

M M Singh continued his tricks in the 2G spectrum scam,CoalGate and Astrix-Devas deals

2.The e-auctioneer of 3 G spectrum,in which they earned about Rs 30 CRORES

3.Ex-CEO of Shell India was ADVSOR to the Ministry Of oil And NG for 4 years,under the UPA.

This is the main reason for the hiking of petroleum fuels,as Shell India will benefit by the sales of LNG.

In India kerosene is being replaced in Delhi with LPG with freebies.In Future this huge Market may be shared by Shell india.

4.The Rothschilds were involved in the “restructuring” of Air India and were later removed,

5.British Petroleum in which the Rothschilds have majority stakes,has started a collaboration with Reliance Industries Limited in Oil exploration in KG Basin,in the Bay Of Bengal!!!

But the damage has been done.Today Air India has been destroyed by M M Singh,with ad polices and denying many rights of Air India viz-a-viz foreign Airlines.

Now the Rothschilds have INFILTRATED India’s prestigious Oil PSU,ONGC,with THIS MOU.

This is very dangerous for India.

In September 2013.the Rothschilds got their man,Raghuram Rajan [former IMF,reportedly,controlled by the Rothschilds] appointed as the RBI Governor.THIS IS FAR MORE DANGEROUS FOR INDIA,remembering what a former Rothschild is reported to have mentioned about control of a nation’s Currency!

To be continued………

India Being Ruled Over By the IMF,WB and Hence The Rothschilds under UPA!

It is well-known that M M Singh and Raghuram Rajan are puppets of the IMF,as they were EMPLOYEES of this Body.IMF is reportedly, controlled by the Rothschilds.

India’s planning Commission takes its orders,probably,from the World Bank,as many incidents and Policy Decisions show.

M M Singh,seems to care for the G-20 MINUS India,as many of his decisions show.IMF is one of the entities of the G-20.

Now,THIS link,mentions that Chidambram has assured the IMF and the World bank of reducing India’s Fiscal deficit,in Washington,last week.

An excerpt from the link above:-

“Last week, Chidambaram said at an IMF committee meeting in Washington that the government is committed to the path of fiscal consolidation and has drawn red lines for the fiscal and current account deficits.

“We shall not allow the red lines to be breached under any circumstances and we shall remain within the red lines. We are prepared to take difficult decisions in this regard, should the need arise,” the minister had said.

A,reportedly,pro-Israeli and hence pro-Rothschilds Newspaper,publishes an article against Shri Narendra Modi Ji,of BJP.Hence the above conclusion and claim are, strengthened,Such “proofs” are available and will be added in due course.

Earlier Amartya Sen,whose THIRD Wife, is a Rothschilds,has said that he would not vote for Shri Modi Ji.

The Denver International Airport :- Predictive Programming?

The reports on Denver International Airport,are fascinating ,for the Predictive programming,Hollywood-style.It also,shows the cockiness and smugness of the ones who created,it and the paraphernalia.

A person interested in Mysticism,Conspiracy,Satanism etc may recognize many indications/messages…..

Another IMF-PUPPET Is The RBI Governor From September,2013!India in “further” Danger!!!

The danger India faces has doubled,as the IMF-puppet M M Singh,has appointed Raghuram Rajan,formerly of the of “THE IMF” [OMG!]. M M Singh has been misused to destroy India, by the IMF.Now the DOUBLE-WHAMMY,in the form of Raghuram Rajan.

India’s Hindu-temple and Household-Gold is being eyed.

The present “crisis”,namely the WEAK RUPEE,is the same NOTORIOUS CRISIS CAPITALISM,with which the IMF made M M Singh an undeserving Hero.

Oligarchs will benefit by way of LOW interest rates,as the Raghuram Rajan,has emphasized in a press meet,that Growth will be HIS PRIORITY at the cost of inflation.Common People of India are in for Hyper-Inflation…..

Now, we have “M M Singh II”

It is reported by Mehdi Darius Nazemroya,a reputed Canadian-Iranian Journo,that M M Singh as the RBI Governor and puppet of the IMF simultaneously,destroyed India in 1980s,to be PLANTED as the Finance Minister.

Raghuram Rajan,effected HIS FIRST Monetary Policy Changes,on 20th September, very near the Winter Equinox[22/9/2013].Does this convey something? The Illuminati conduct their MAJOR operations in the Month of September or near/during the Solstices and Equinoxes!

Will be updated….

Ratan Tata Joins Carnegie Endowment For international Peace

As per THIS link,Ratan tat has joined the Carnegie Endowment for International peace.He is also,connected with the Harvard University,which is reported to be a front of the CIA.Sunil B harti Mittal is also a member of the Carnegie Endowment,in addition to being,a member Trilateral Commission,Asia Pacific.Narayanamurthy of Infosys,is also reported to be a member of the Trilateral.

Rockefeller Group/Foundation, has started a campaign with Vummidiars of Chennai….

To be continued…