FDI In (Outcome Based) Education.Part Of Agenda 21

Why MAINLY,the USA,is interested,in INVESTING in EDUCATION,in India?

To answer this, one should read the following from THIS link:-

A good espousing of the strength of Indian culture was given by Lord McCauley in his speech to the British Parliament, Feb 2, 1835:

“I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.

The underpinnings of Indian society and culture start in the Indus valley in roughly 3000 BC.  Despite multiple invasion attempts, the occasional conquering, and a massive attempt to displace the culture by British influence, the ancient underlying precepts exist.  Despite India’s resurgence in the scientific and military areas we can see that plainly their Cultural Identity is primary driver of their society.


Watch THIS Video.

For controlling a Nation,the following fields need to be infiltrated:-

1.Education.  Read THIS THIS THIS THIS and THIS

An extract from,the third link above:-

“Prong 7 – UN Control of Education

Prong Seven is UN control of education lifelong under the umbrella of the school district (community re-education).

The late Professor Benjamin Bloom, an internationalist closely associated with UNESCO, and the father of The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, in which all teachers have been trained, said in his book All Our Children Learning:

The purpose of education and the schools is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.” The UN and the tax-exempt foundations have created a socialist America through Skinnerian/Pavlovian behavior modification programs (animal training which bypasses the brain) and the radical change from academics to the communist/fascist polytechnical (lifelong school- to- work job quota system) being implemented today under the controversial No Child Left Behind/ No American Left Alone Act.”


3.Agri-sector and Agri-Business.Read THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS and THIS.


4.Healthcare(Pharma).Read here and HERE.

After this PRIVATIZE all the above.

Oligarchs,are roped in ,by offering memberships in various Foundations and PPPs are formed,ushering in Oligarchy, which is against the Constitution,as India is a Democratic Republic.

In Detroit,Michigan,USA,Pubic Schools and Colleges are being PRIVATIZED to be taken over by the so-called,”FOUNDATIONS”,to make huge profits.Read HERE.

India tries to imitate the above.The consequences will be the conversion of the Indian Democracy into an Oligarchy,by stealth.Read here.

Just as mentioned above,on 25/3/2010,there is a report on the News media.Read here and here.Since the motive is PRIVATE PROFIT,many TEACHERS WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS.Read here.

The present Government at the Centre is converting everything into a Marketable Commodity,and the same is being tried in Education too.In this context  it should be mentioned that the Stock,Commodity and Currency Markets are given preference and efforts are ongoing to make them “popular”.The FIIs have made consistently huge profits in the Stock Markets,for the last 17 years or so.Most of this money should have belonged to Indians.FDI in Education will also result in huge profits for Foreign Universities at the cost of Indian ones.

LAND GRAB:-There was also a Land Grab case in Pune,by a Western University,recently.Read here. Land Grab on a huge scale,is one of the reasons for FDI in Education(in fact,MOST FDIs).The other being a source of huge Business and profits for Foreigners.

Reverse Immigration:-This will create problems in India as more and more Foreigners will TRY to settle in India,where the cost of living is very very low,by “THEIR”,standards.Social problems and discrimination against local Indians will result,because Indians have a weakness for fair colour,(Ditto China.Read HERE)hence, will treat their own countrymen with contempt and will show undue respect to fair-complexioned, Foreigners.Indians will once again be ruled over by the Westerners.

Espionage,CIA Fronts:-Many Universities including Yale(Read This and THIS) and Harvard(READ THIS),find their deserved place in THIS CIA LIST,as also,”National Student Press Council of India”!


Secret Societies in US Universities.The Yale has TWO!!!.Read THIS

The following Video and link show the connection among  CIA and Universities,  Yale and Harvard.



Most of the Western nations have de-industrialized,concentrating mainly on:-

1.The Military Industrial Complex and WAR.

Space applications.

2.Financial Sectors.Wall Street,in the case of the USA.

3.Pharma with its Bio-weapons and Vaccines.

4.GMO Foods and seeds to dominate the Global Agri- Businesses and Food production.In the case of the USA,this is the plan(Global Dominance in Food production and hence monopoly) of the Rockefeller brothers conceived about 60 years ago.

5.Manufacture of Commercial Airliners,monopolized by the USA and Europe.

6.As their economies are in shambles,the Westerners,want to use Education as a money-spinner.The same is the case with Solar,Wind and Nuclear energy,in which fields,the West has superior technologies.In the case of Nuclear power,the non-Western nations can be held to ransom by “sanctions”,as they lack the Fuel,enriched Uranium.

7.Research in  many areas,including ever-increasing NEW ONES,leaving the “mundane’ tasks to countries like India.

In  the USA,the Educational  System is in shambles due to lack of funds and unemployment has increased among teachers.FDI will help overcome this US domestic problem.Read here here and HERE.

There is some mention about Education and its aims as per Agenda 21,in the following Video.

Read Here about Universities having connections with Secret Societies.

Changing History to brainwash children?Read here.

What India needs,for her Youth?Read HERE.

Kapil Sibal,seems to be bent on destroying India and her education.The timing for his rushing onto this suggests THIS.

USA is destroying “her”,Education.Read here and here.

The collapsing Western Way of Life.It is not good to follow a system which teaches,UNETHICAL practices.Wall Street seems a good example.Read HERE and HERE.

The UPA Government is leading our youth to their destruction by succumbing to the US pressure.The US Educational system is controlled by the Corporates for profit .Read here.

A few days ago(ONE MORE,on 2/12/2010),two Indian Oligarchs started charitable activities regarding Education,in India(The Indian Media are being misused to provide publicity for the same).One is connected to the Rothschilds and is a member,of The Trilateral Commission,Asia pacific,and  the Carnegie Foundation,who were the first to have a desire for controlling education in the USA.Both may be connected with the World Economic Forum,a Globalist body,of the Oligarchs.Foundations(pun intended) seem to be being laid for “FOUNDATIONS“,to run educational institutions in India.Read HERE.Mind control etc can be expected.Education will be controlled by Oligarchs,with disastrous consequences.Azim Premji is the third.

India’s Carnegie and Rockefeller clones start their damage of India,her Education and lay the “FOUNDATION”,for usurping the power of the Government.

The fault with US Education in the 1990s,which continues to this day.Read here

Are we to copy this absurd and wrong method(Outcome Based Education),to create dumbed down zombies?

The deliberate dumbing down of America.Download here.

Kapil Sibal’s,Harvard (A CIA front),educated,favourable plan for the Oligarchs,the CIA and the notorious “Skull And Bones”.Read Here

It is better to follow the method of Bihar’s Super 30.Read here.

In a dangerous development for Hindus and secular India,P Chidambaram, The Home Minister,did the following in August,2010:-

1.Warned against “saffron terror”,while looking on the terrorism of Maosists,and in the North East,both suspected to be supported by the Jesuits.

2.Praised the Jesuits,for their efforts in Education in India.Jesuits,it is worth noting have reportedly made desparaging remarks on Hindu Gods in the classes they conduct,to brainwash Hindu children and teens.Hindu girls are NOT allowed to wear bangles or Tilak,in Jesuit schools run in SECULAR India.

It is worth noting that,Yale University,which is going for FDI in Education in India seems to be connected to both the Jesuits and the CIA.

Read Here

Globalists trying to gobble up India and The Indian Child,the Future Citizen.Read here.

The USA’a blatant interference in India’s internal affairs for taking away the latter’s Sovereignty.Read here.

To be continued…….


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